Our Sponsors

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors!

Thank you so much to our sponsors who help us put on Replant Day through donations and support. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without them!


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NRG Energy created an endowment fund of $25,000 dollars for Aggie Replant.











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To our Sponsors and Donors, Thank You! Your contribution is appreciated! 


Replant wants to thank all of our amazing benefactors, who have contributed to our success and sustainability.


Emerald Oak Sponsors ($15,000+)

Platinum Root Sponsors ($7,500-$14,999)

Golden Leaf Sponsors ($2,000-$7,499)

Silver Seedling Sponsors ($750 - $1,999)

  • ChameleonJohn -- Online Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals
  • Col. Richard K. Hantman and Mrs. Arleen N. Hantman
  • Eric Goodell
  • John Han '13
  • Bruce Slover

Bronze Pot Sponsors ($250-$749)

  •   Mr. and Mrs. Lee E. Davis
  •   Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Fleisher
  •   Mr. William H. Harrison, Jr. '62
  •   Betipulnet.co.il
  •   MetaTrader Programming
  •   SellMyApp
  •   The Professional Moving Specialists
  •   Travel Ticker
  •   Studypool