Aggie Replant coordinates the largest, one-day, student-led, environmental service project in the nation!

Replant Day strives to improve the Bryan/College Station community, bring students together through tradition, and provide an avenue for environmental service and action through a yearly tree planting event.

Lost Pines Recovery Campaign Signups are CLOSED!!

We are now at capacity for this event! Thank you to the over 600 volunteers who have registered to attend the Lost Pines Recovery Campaign with us!


If you were not able to sign up but still want to come there are two potential options:

1) If someone from your group cannot attend you may email us and take their spot that day

2) We will be taking walk ups on a case by case scenario if we have room on the bus


We are all looking forward to seeing everyone out planting trees the next two weekends!

Replant Committee Meetings!

Aggie Replant Committee meets on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. in Koldus 144!  Come join us and see why we love selfless service and trees so much!  Applications to join our committee can be found here:

Come check us out, or submit an application TODAY!


Profit Shares

Come support Aggie Replant as we raise money for MORE TREES to plant for Replant Day 2015!! 

Aggie Replant will have profit shares on the following dates/locations.  We especially hope that our Lost Pines volunteers and staff join us after planting trees in Bastrop at one of our profit share locations!


  • Panda Express on Texas Avenue -- Saturday, February 21
  • Grub Burger on University Drive -- Sunday, February 22 from 12-5
  • Jason's Deli on Texas Avenue -- Saturday, February 28 from 5-8
  • Yogurtland on Texas Avenue -- Sunday, March 1

Donate to Aggie Replant!

As Aggie Replant furiously raises money to secure buses to transport students to Bastrop for the Lost Pines Recovery Campaign and to raise money for all the beautiful trees we will plant around the B-CS community, we ask you to think about taking the time to donate to Aggie Replant!  Any amount will be greatly appreciated and will allow Aggies put selfless service into action!  You could be responsible for beautifying your environment, one tree at a time.  Seriously, anyone can do it!  A single tree usually costs about $25-35! 

Donate today to the Replant Excellence Fund at


Thanks so much for your support!  Gig 'em!!!

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